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The Appliance Guy Service Phone Number 614-394-6274
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No one speaks better about our appliance repair services than our customers!

"I came home one day to a washing machine full of clothes that wouldn't run a cycle or unlock the door. I am an engineer so I started trying to figure out how to fix the problem. After a few minutes, I could see that it would have taken me a lot of time to figure anything out and I still probably would have broken something. I called Andrew and described the problem. He was at my house within a half hour and had it running normally less than an hour after I called, without any broken parts. I even learned quite a bit about the washer by watching him work. It was well worth the call. Thanks Andrew!

Jason D., Delaware

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"I have used Andrew's services for the last five years to either install or repair the appliances in our New Albany home. There is no one else we would use other than Andrew. His knowledge and skill is unmatched, and even more important, he's extremely honest, fair and trustworthy. I recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for the best service with any appliance need!

Lisa N., New Albany

"When the plastic tab on our refrigerator in-the-door water dispenser broke, it looked more complicated than we expected to fix it. Fortunately, Andrew Matheny was able to quickly come out and make the needed repair. Andrew quickly had the ice and water dispenser taken apart, the problem fixed, and put back together. While he was there, he was even able to repair some minor annoyances we'd been experiencing with our refrigerator's ice maker. We are so thankful to have found an exceptional appliance repairman that we can trust 100%!

Molly B., Ashley

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